The apocalypse has been seen by many as the end of human civilization. The apocalypse could be brought on by the decay or disintegration of civilized society, a world-wide pandemic, an extinction-level-event or major climate shift, economic and social collapse, weapons of mass destruction, volcanic eruptions, or even rising coastlines. There is a school of thought that believes that the apocalypse will mark the end of the world, in the same breadth as the multitudes who believe that, the apocalypse is all just but talk. However, for the keen and the careful, it is important to know how to take care of yourself just in case it does happen.  Some of the things you need to take care of in your quest to survive the inevitable apocalypse are contained in this apocalypse survival guide. Here are some of the things you need to consider to survive an apocalyptic event:

#1: Security

During the apocalypse, man will most probably turn against man because of the constraints of scarcity that will mark the era. It is therefore very important to make sure that your security is well taken care of. Ensure that you have a small all weather hand gun or small pistol tucked somewhere in your emergency bag, and a stockpile of ammunition. Having a stable and sharp knife will also be very essential in that period for security reasons. Form a perimeter around your quarters and trade shifts with your fellow survivalists keeping guard. Bands of marauders and looters will form together to obtain resources, and you need to have a plan to protect yours if you plan to survive.

#2: Food and Water

When the power goes out, and there is no more running water, you’ll be forced to find a clean sustainable water source. It’s a good idea to store enough water in your home to survive for several weeks, which you can do with an emergency water storage kit. Stockpiling non-perishable survival food will also be very helpful during such an event.  Ensuring a good supply of food sometime earlier than the ‘time’ will most definitely help you escape the last minute rush, as many people will be rushing for them in the stores when its already too late. As money will be useless, food will also serve as a trading currency, so the more you have, the more leverage you’ll have to obtain other resources. It’s a good idea to have a seed bank. These come with needed seeds to grow a full acre of food.

#3: Shelter

In terms of the shelter, the apocalypse happening will most definitely displace you from your local abode. You should keep in mind the flashier your quarters are, the more likely you are to get ambushed by desperate looters. Seek out a place that is well hidden from main roads, and appears vacant and void of resources. You should also scavenge your location to check out possible high points where you can defend if and when the time comes. Having a few packed sleeping bags, a good first aid kit, and the necessary home supplies will also come in handy. It is a great idea to get yourself a 72 hour kit that is well stocked. These come with enough emergency supplies, food, water, medical supplies etc, that you will need to survive isolation for 72 hours.

#4: Fire

Fire is another important feature of the apocalypse survival guide. Water is essential for heat, boiling water, and cooking food. Keep enough all-weather lighters and match boxes, and also not to be forgotten, are the adequate pieces of firewood, that will help maintain a fire when the apocalypse comes. Everything you’ll need to get a fire going will be stocked in a good survival kit.

Generally, even though many people would like to dismiss the apocalypse as a case of extreme paranoia; it is definitely something worthy thinking about. The basic principles in this apocalypse survival guide will most definitely play an instrumental role in ensuring you live to see the post-apocalypse times. For a more detailed guide on surviving the apocalypse, check out the book “Field Guide to the Apocalypse: Movie Survival Skills for the End of the World


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  1. [...] To survive an apocalypse, you need to be prepared to face a season widely seen as the end of the world. This is possibly a time when everybody is scared stiff of the end of life possibilities and hence essential getting your kit ready for. Some of the things to include in the apocalypse survival kit include lots of canned foods, heavy jackets, a hunting knife, match boxes, adequate bottled clean water and all weather matchboxes, among others. For the apocalypse, you will also need to secure yourself from the desperate people and the hungry, who didn’t prepare for the event. For this, you need a good gun with enough rounds, a machete and a few hunting knives. You also need to have a few blankets, some portable bedding for your sleeping and a few camouflage clothing. This time is also marked by an increased chance for disease outbreak and having a few prescribed drugs does not hurt. For more information, check out our “Apocalypse Survival Guide“. [...]

  2. Smudge says:

    Why do you put importance on a “72hr kit” in an apocolypse scenario?

    Surely if its that sort of scenario you need to be thinking long term indefinately.
    I understand the 72hr timeline during a localised disaster to enable you to “survive” comfortably until help arrives (FEMA etc) or in a wilderness kit to keep you alive if lost or injured until help arrives.

    • admin says:

      In an apocalyptic situation, you’ll need to have a 72 hour kit in case you need to “bug out” and travel to a new place. You won’t be able to carry indefinite provisions in such an event. It obviously won’t be the end-all, but you want to be mobile until you have a safe secure place to settle.

  3. Smudge says:

    Sorry I didn’t make myself clearer: Why 72hrs specifically?

    In a localised disaster people are recommended to keep at least 72hrs supplies because it could take that long for aid agencies to get to them.

    Wilderness survival people are recommended to have 72hrs emergency kit because if they do everything right they should be rescued in that time.

    The military generally keep 72hrs (in my experience) rations because it could take them that long between resupply.

    I just wondered where you came up with the 72hr kit in an apocolyptic scenario, why not 96 or 144hr? Many people in the survivalist community just seem to echo army training manuals with little thought or reason.

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