When it comes to survival, food is one thing you can’t live very long without. For those stranded in the wilderness, getting a reliable source of food can be quite challenging, leaving bugs as the only source of food. It is however important have an idea of how to identify the edible bugs from those that are potentially harmful to the body, in terms of toxicity. Apart from forming a source of food for survival purposes, eating edible bugs can be one of the most fulfilling experiences for anyone in the wild.

Why eat Bugs?

Pound for pound, bugs are the most abundant, nutrient rich food source on earth. Bugs are beneficial to anyone lost in the wilderness who has a limited supply of food. It has also been proved that over 80% of all bugs in the world are very edible. This means that eating the bugs has tremendous ecological benefits, in terms of the balance it creates to the ecosystem. Eating edible bugs is also one of the most affordable ways to survive in the woods, given the fact that, they cost nothing. This ensures survival on the mere minimal survival means. Aside from the above benefits, bugs provide one of the purest forms of nutritive proteins. These natural proteins are some of the best because they lack the impurities that come with most processed food proteins or packed proteins. Overall, consuming the edible bugs comes with great economic, convenience and ecological benefits making their consumption, okay.

Which Bugs are Safe to Eat?

Some of the reasons that make edible bugs safe as a source of food is the fact that they contain very few toxins. In fact, most bug species are low in fats and carbohydrates and contain lots of natural proteins when compared to the traditional sources of proteins such as beef, lamb, pork, or chicken. Some of the 8 safest edible bugs include the following:

  1. Heterometrus Spinifer Scorpions
  2. farm bred edible grasshoppers
  3. Bamboo Worms
  4. Crushed Giant Water bug
  5. Giant Water Bugs
  6. Mole Crickets
  7. Termites
  8. tarantula spider

Which Bugs are Dangerous?

Although bugs contain some of the best source of food in the woods, they can also provide a good source of danger to human life. Most bugs are dangerous to humans owing to the dangers which come with capture. Some of them have the potential of harming people in a fatal manner. For example, there are several spiders and scorpions which are quite dangerous to humans. Another danger involved in the consumption of many bugs is the poison content. This therefore necessitates the need to understand the different types of bugs and their characteristics. Generally, try to stay away from anything brightly colored, really smelly, or poisonous looking.

Overall, the consumption of bugs (insects, worms, spiders, etc.) comes with a lot of nutritional benefits in terms of the protein content. Bugs inhabit nearly every acre on earth, so you’re probably going to be able to find some when you’re hungry enough. They also help sustain the environment as well, in terms of the ecological balance. Therefore, edible bugs are not only beneficial to extreme survival, but also for the greater good and hence, consumption should be encouraged.

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